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Physically Foamed Sheet Extrusion Line

Rajoo has done pioneering developments in polymer foam extrusion in India and has emerged as the only supplier for foam extrusion lines christened Fomex using both blown film (Fomex – B) and sheet extrusion (Fomex – S) process using either chemical or physical foaming.

Rajoo offers foam extrusion solutions to produce foam with low density of 0.02 kg/m3 to medium density of 0.22 kg/m3 and also high density foam with density of 0.45 kg/m3 and offers.

Rajoo developed FPS (foamed polystyrene) sheet extrusion systems in technical collaboration with Commodore Inc., USA, a company with more than 40 years of experience in PS foam extrusion and vacuum forming.

The Rajoo enhancements to feed system include a low level sensor that is identifiable on a touch screen, a feed throat low level alarm, and a calibration bypass door in the throat of the machine which is controlled via the PLC. The sophisticated alarm system and sensors identify problems within ingredients and processes.

Fomex is equipped with fully automated die with motorized die gap adjustment and digital die gap display with oil cooling to reduce start-up time and ease of operation.

Fomex series sheet lines output ranges from 250kg/hr to 500kg/hr with features including a high pressure gas injection system, patented air ring and easy change cooling mandrel with take - off and sheet winder.

The mandrel cart for the Rajoo extrusion system is simple and reliable. The system uses multiple precision regulators in series to control the air to the inner air ring for precise control of the bubble. The shuttle feature of the drums allow for instantaneous sheet width utilization as compared to conventional systems.

The Rajoo two/four spindle winder is simple, safe and reliable. It is a coreless design with enlarged core to minimize sheet breakage during roll changes. The mechanically actuated winding arbors are powered by variable frequency vector drives and AC motors.

The winder core uses a simple ball and wedge design to push the leaves in and out. Options include automatic roll push off and center tension control software which helps maintain even tension even on large rolls.


  • Foam calendar for promotions
  • Medium density expanded PE sheets for bottle cap wads
  • Low density expanded PE sheet for general purpose packaging and mattresses
  • Disposable food containers

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