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Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant for Round & Flat Dripper

Rajoo offers drip irrigation extrusion systems for round and flat dripper with servo driven dripper insertion device for pipe OD ranging from 12 to 20mm at max output 300kg/hours and max line speed 150mpm.

Dripex - Drip Irrigation Pipe Plant extruders are offered with direct coupled motors, manual or hydraulic screen changer, two stainless steel Vacuum sizing tank and cooling system for precise water pressure, high corrosion resistant and long useful life. The 3-axis mechanical adjustment system with lateral position control allows quick precise positioning. The double belt haul-off is provided for optimum pulling force and to prevent ovality in pipe.

The drippers are fed by a centrifugal feeder onto a conveyor belt and are advanced via two Inserting Belts. The insertion mechanism is driven by a digital servo motor. The drippers are pushed through a cooled inserting device which is placed inside the cross-head.

The device has two insertion modes, continuous Inserting and Intermittent Inserting. In continuous Inserting, the drippers are continuously moving; the Inserting Wheels rotational speed is dependent on the speed of the pipe and the desired spacing. In Intermittent Inserting, the drippers are inserted one at a time. The Inserting Belts insert one dripper and stop. The Intermittent Inserting can be used to produce coils with grouped drippers where the spacing dimension is changing.

A lightweight, mechanically controlled and pneumatic backed up dancer assembly is provided to maintain tension of the pipe between haul off unit and winder. The winder is furnished with automatic length counter and spicing push button and capable to wind max coil dia of 750mm.

Rajoo also provide a fully automatic coil wrapping machine for pipe packing on request.

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