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Vacuum forming machine for foam PS

Rajoo vacuum formers are built for the rigorous environment of the production floor and specially designed to produce foamed polystyrene (FPS) foam trays, plates and hinge lid containers. Rajoo offers a number of formats for different applications.

The oven is designed specifically for foam and is designed with ease of maintenance in mind. Through the use of different zones, the ovens are also able to work well with a variety of sheet widths.

The PID loops ensure accurate and repeatable heating. A removable drip sheet increases the ease of cleaning. Coil springs take the weight and a simple prop holds the oven open for servicing. The simplicity of this hinged design makes it easy to use and decreases the number of potential problems during cleaning.

Vacuum formers incorporate servo controlled oven with sixteen different zones and in built CO2 fire extinguisher able to work well with a variety of sheet widths.

The Trim Press is extremely sophisticated, yet user friendly with control box and makes it easy to maintain the trim on the top, bottom, left and right of foam products.

The Trim Press on the vacuum former feeds the skeleton scrap directly into under-press grinders which can be pelletized. The trim tool is mounted on pins with slide clamps and equipped with advance feature like stacking and counting.

2 to 5 compartment plate, Hinge lid containers for fast food, Lids for food tray, Absorbent tray for meet packaging, Egg tray and Bowls

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Vacuum forming machine for foam PS

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