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Dispocon - MS®

Multi Station Thermoforming Machine

The DISPOCON - MS, is a long-awaited product by the disposable container market. With leadership status in the thermoforming market, Rajoo focused on its philosophy of continual product enhancement and introduces this fully automated thermoforming solution that uses sheets of PS/PP/PET and also minimises human intervention, especially for the labour intensive stacking and packing. First of its kind in the country, this multi-station thermoforming machine is designed for disposable containers, dishes, cups, glasses, punnets etc.

The thermoforming manufacturing world is now being forced to use the most efficient procedures and equipment in order to maintain its competitive edge in today’s marketplace. Lower labor costs, lower material costs, lower energy costs, shortest changeover times and improved part-to-part consistency are the main reasons for changes in the market place and that is why the latest rotary technology is being further implemented and utilized.

Dispocon-MS (Multistation Thermoformer) offers many additional advantages that allow users to gain a competitive advantage, not only by having high production capabilities but much more.

Cost efficient
Energy efficient
Visual identification of the packaging contents
Optimizing working procedures
Flexibility in thermoformed product design

Rajoo's multi-station thermoforming with fully automatic indigenously designed multi-station thermoforming machine consist of 4 stations – Unwinding Station, Forming Station, Cutting Station & Stacking station. The pre-heater station with insulation is also offered to process PP sheet to avoid sagging and ensure uniform heating.

This guarantees more capacity and faster cycle times with low electrical consumption per part when compared to a single station or shuttle type machine. This is due to the fact that a Multistation thermoformer continuously has a sheet in the heating zone, as all stations are being utilized simultaneously and are capable of processing PS/PP/PET sheets.

Hinge lid container, Punnets for fruit packaging and Disposable food plate with lid

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