Rajoo Engineering Limited

Procurement Management Process

Procurement Policy

The Purchasing Department of Rajoo Engineers Limited is striving for a long-term, close relationship with suppliers / sub-contractors in order to achieve maximum efficiency and quality. An open exchange of information and the willingness to cooperate are the key factors of our business policy.

Customer Satisfaction

At Rajoo Engineers Limited, the customer is in the focus of attention. He can contact us with any questions he may have when it comes to the production of flexible packaging. The needs and satisfaction of our customers form the basis of our purchasing policy. By joint efforts, we will be able to implement this policy and ensure the optimum in quality, functionality, and efficiency.


We need competent and innovative suppliers for long-term business relationship and their involvement already during the early phases of product development is an essential key to a fruitful cooperation.


For us quality means to offer to our customers efficient, innovative, and environmentally beneficial solutions to their needs and problems. Error prevention is one of our main objectives. The Rajoo Purchase Department is responsible for the quality of purchased parts and services and their compliance with the Rajoo quality standards.


efficiency We are aware that the future development of our business is dependent on our yields. We want to enhance the value of our company and provide job security. Yield orientation means for us that our action is geared towards lasting yields and reasonable costs. Our business policy is based on contract compliance and long-term cooperation, but on the other hand we demand excellent performance, adherence to delivery dates, high quality of parts and services and favorable conditions.

Safety and Environmental Protection

Environmental protection is rated high when we develop our machines. We are proud that our machines and equipment produce ecological packaging. For our machines and equipment and the manufacture thereof, we are seeking reliable, cost effective and environmentally friendly solutions.


Purchase decisions are taken after thorough consideration of objective and comprehensible criteria. Selection of qualified suppliers, implementation of our policy and suppliers' performance rating - all this is done on the basis of standardized criteria and processes which stand out for their high transparency.

Terms & Conditions

Conditions of Purchase

Contractual Basis for Our Business Operations

Rajoo is a plastic extrusion machinery manufacturing company and coverage of the material purchases by contract is an absolute must with a view to quality assurance, optimized price / performance ratio and adherence to delivery dates.

Our Conditions of Purchase form the legal basis of our business activities in terms of purchase of goods and services of any kind whatsoever; at the same time, they guarantee maximum transparency of operations for our and our suppliers' benefit.

The Rajoo Conditions of Purchase are an integral part of our purchase orders and govern, among other things, the following:

  • Quotations and Ordered Goods
  • Prices and Payment Conditions
  • Delivery Time and Date
  • Material Defects
  • Product Liability
  • Property Rights

Provisions concerning secrecy are not included in our Conditions of Purchase and rights and obligations in this regard will be settled by secrecy agreements to be concluded between Rajoo and the supplier in case of need.

general conditions of purchase

Product Line


Professional Competence Through Commodity Grouping

The Rajoo Engineers Limited Purchase Department fulfill the requirements of components / parts / assemblies / sub-assemblies / ancillary items / consumables etc. for different product lines and spare supply.

  • FOILEX TM - Monolayer Blown Film Line
  • AQUAFLEX ® - Downward Extrusion Blown Film Line
  • MULTIFOIL ® - Multilayer Blown Film Line
  • PENTAFOIL ® - Five Layer Co-Extruded Blown Film Line
  • HEPTAFOIL ® - Seven Layer Co-Extruded Blown Film Line
  • MULTIFOIL ® - X - Cross Laminated Film
  • LAMEX ® - Extrusion Coating & Lamination Line
  • FOMEX TM - PS/PP/ABS/rPET/EVA Sheet Line
  • LAMiNA ® - PS/PE Foam Extrusion Line
  • LAMiNArPET ® - Multi Layer Twin Screw rPET Sheet Line
  • DISPOCON ® - Thermoforming & PS Foam Vacuum Forming Machine
  • DISPOCON® - MS - Multi-Station Thermoforming Machine
  • LABEX TM - Lab Equipment
  • FABREX TM - Spun Bond & Melt Blown Non - Woven Fabric Line
  • MASCON TM - Automatic N-95 Face Mask Making Machine

In addition to above their remains requirements of machine tools, tools and tackles, jigs, fixtures, measuring instruments, spare parts for existing machineries, consumables, electricals stationery, polymers as well as various services, civil work and maintenance contracts.

To ensure the necessary professional competence and commercial responsibility, the Rajoo Purchase Department has been divided into 5 groups made up of experienced purchase managers and co-coordinators.

Join Hands to grow together

Become a Supplier

We are one of the leading manufacturers of plastic extrusion machinery and our customers in all parts of the world are very demanding. We are consequently seeking efficient partners who work with us to increase and strengthen the competitiveness of our products through constant cost optimization and technical progress.

What we expect of our suppliers:

  • Supply Perfect Quality Products
  • Just in Time Delivery
  • Flexibility in Reacting to Changing Markets Needs
  • Contract compliance
  • Delivery of Complete Systems, Modules and Components
  • "Design to Cost" Cooperation
  • Innovative Ideas
  • Continuous Enhancement of the Supply Chain
  • Active Support of Cost-For-Value Analysis
  • Approval of the Rajoo’s General Conditions of Purchase

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