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Key features

Rajoo has done pioneering developments in polymer foam extrusion in India and have emerged as the only supplier of foam extrusion lines christened Fomex using both blown film (Fomex – B) and sheet extrusion (Fomex – S) process using either chemical or physical foaming. Rajoo offers foam extrusion solutions to produce foam with low density of 0.02 kg/m3 to medium density of 0.22 kg/m3 and also high density foam with density of 0.45 kg/m3.

Fomex – S sheetlines are offered in capacities from 140kg/hr to 250kg/hr and density range of 0.22 to 0.02 using different physical blowing agents. Rajoo is proud to claim that more than 90% of cap liners and foamed banners / calendars in India are produced on FOMEX.

Rajoo offers PS foam sheet line and vacuum formers in technical collaboration with world leaders -Commodore Inc., U.S.A. These lines are capable of producing fine quality PS foam sheet with butane or pentane as physical blowing agent which is then converted into vacuum foamed articles like trays, dishes, lunch boxes, etc.

Fomex incorporates advanced features like high pressure gas injection pump, volumetric / gravimetric 4 component master batch dosing unit mounted on hopper block, melt pressure transducers, hydraulic continuous screen changer with micro processor based circular water temperature controller units, static charge eliminators, automatic turret winder etc based on end application

The blown foamed films find applications in banners, wall-calendars and host of other stationery items whereas medium density expanded PE sheets are extensively used for bottle cap liners and low density expended PE film in general packaging and mattresses.

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